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Commerce / Diverses activités
231 Rue St Honoré
75000 PARIS (17.3 km)

A propos de BABY AND CO

Toddler's Navy Clothing....BABY/KIDS
some of the biggest....MEN / WOMEN

Since 1988, Carole B, Fashion designer and Interior Designer has created the collection " LES P'TITS MARINS" for the hapiness of the little ones and the greatest ones...

From 3 months to 6 years old (Baby) & 8 to14 years old (kids)
From S to 3XL  (women)
From S to 5 XL (man)

A collectionin fabrics only knit in France, made in Belgium with greatest care.

"Hoize Top!!!! Sailor !!!! "
"Hissez haut!!!! Matelot !!!!"

A retail store in Belgium, in Koksijde...to welcome you ...
but also on facebook : Les ptits marins.

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